Video Surveillance on Mobile Cameras – Tips and Prices

Video Surveillance on Mobile Cameras – Tips and Prices

Do you want to have everything under control? Are you often away from home and need a wifi video surveillance system that is easy to install pack and play with changing table and can be monitored wherever you are? From today it is possible!

In the past the best option was to install a closed circuit video surveillance (CCTV) system, which required the intervention of a professional technician and a series of wired connections.

With the advent of wireless connection, the so-called Wi-Fi baby monitors is becoming increasingly popular, an innovative system that uses cameras connected directly to the wireless internet at home or in the office.

These devices have significant advantages, including the ability to remotely control the environment via smartphone and instant notification in the event of suspicious activity.

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The advantages of Wi-Fi video surveillance

Let’s see specifically what are the pros and why of this popularity:

Ease of installation: these devices can be placed anywhere and do not require technical interventions to work, you just need a wireless connection and a smartphone / computer.

Remote control : thanks to the dedicated App, which can be downloaded for free on all Android and iOS mobile phones and smartphones, it is possible to check in real time the situation of the environment in which the camera has been positioned, for example to monitor an elderly relative or a child small.

Interactivity: the camera can be managed remotely, also allowing you to listen and speak directly with the environment in which it is located.

Possibility of increases: the technology of these cameras allows them to communicate with each other, in this way it is possible to add, even at a later time, more devices in order to create a more extensive system.

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How to choose the right camera?

The choice of products is really wide, so let’s start with an important consideration: outdoor or indoor use

For outdoor use you first need a device that has good resistance to rain, hail and dust (IP66).

There are cameras with internal battery that do not require an electrical outlet, a completely wireless version.

As a resolution it is preferable to focus on full HD (1080p), but you must take into account the quality of the internet connection at home, if you do not have an optimal speed it is better to opt for a lower resolution (720p).

It must also be equipped with night vision and good visibility to ensure a good image of the area.

Last but not least, the presence of an integrated siren will certainly favor the escape of possible individuals and alert the neighbourhood.

If the need was for internal use then the precautions are slightly different.

It is recommended that you first of all choose a product that allows you to control the whole environment and therefore has a 360 ° view or allows the rotation of the camera (some have the possibility of rotating even through an application).

The so-called “talk and listen” function is also very useful: through the internal microphone of some Wi-Fi cameras there is the possibility to hear all the noises and speak directly with the people close to the device.